Pom Pom Hideout (2018)


Pom Pom Hideout

(Created as Part of the Collaborative Exhibition Came From Water With Bridges Art MOvement in 2018)



more Information on the Came From Water project:

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Came from Water, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Nscad University, Halifax, NS - June 2018

Came from Water, Gordon Snelgrove GALLERY, U of S, Saskatoon, SK - July 2018

The oldest creatures of the earth originated in the oceans. We came from water…

Evoking  deep  time  and  a  shared  imagination of  ancient  environments, this  large-scale  visual  spectacle  questioned reality  and conjured  ideas  about  the  secret  worlds  and  histories  that connect  us all. This body of work was a collaboration among prairie artists living on the ancient sea bed of the Western Interior Seaway and maritime artists living next to the North Atlantic Ocean. Similar to transformation processes found in nature, the collective artwork evolved in response to each other and its environments. 

Special thanks to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for their funding and support of this project. 

Featuring artwork by: Aralia Maxwell, Cynthia Blanchette, Alexa Hainsworth, Tamara Rusnak, Chloe Kinsella, and Arianna Richardson.

installation views, Came From Water, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS, 2018. Photography by Séamus Gallagher.

installation views, Came From Water, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, 2018. Photography by Philip Kanwischer.