My Orange Crush (2018)


My Orange Crush




“My Orange Crush,” acrylic Paint, oil Paint, and Mixed Media, dimensions variable, 2018

Installation views, This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD University, Halifax, NS - November 2018

(Special thanks to Séamus Gallagher for their photo documentation of this work.)

The gallery wall is converted into an expansive visual tabletop feast; a constellation of abstracted forms conversing with one another. An exuberant burst of skewered objects may evoke cheese-puffs, cocktail wieners, rodent droppings, or larva. Glossy, vibrant masses bulge like intestines. The yellow fuzz of a simple panel suggests powdered cheese. An arrangement of white buns morphs into marshmallow-like forms, accentuated by melting acrylic cheese slices. Stacked cheesy squares resemble pancakes, a breast, or architecture. A painted block mimics both camouflage and marble cheese.