“Hideaway,” yarn and mixed media, 2018, 91 x 91 x 275 cm. // 36 x 36 x 108 in.

This textile based immersive sculpture was created as part of the collaborative exhibition Came From Water. Through this project, prairie artists living above the ancient sea bed of the Western Interior Seaway and maritime artists living next to the North Atlantic Ocean came together to explore a shared imagination of ancient environments and the secret worlds and histories which connect us all. In the case of the Pom Pom Hideout, a simple article generally considered decorative fluff, is multiplied and woven to create an immersive sculpture evocative of sea-life, childhood, and the protection of maternal love. Gallery goers are encouraged to step inside, play, embrace, and experience life within the hideout. 

Special thanks to Séamus Gallagher and Philip Kanwischer for their photo documentation of this work.