Eye Candy (2017–present)


Eye Candy



Since antiquity, humans have celebrated with cake. The first cakes were simple mixtures of dried fruit, nuts, honey, and flour. Through millennia, appetites grew for increasingly extravagant creations. Baking pans became more elaborate, ingredients more synthetic, icing decorations more complex, and colours more vibrant. 

It is remarked, “we first taste with our eyes” and, in the mass consumer age of the 21st century, this certainly was true. During this time, humans’ thirst for heightened imagery was so unquenchable that the inedible became confused with the edible. The epitome of our unnatural desires came when laundry detergent pods were popularly mistaken for candy. Food, once reserved for sustenance, was now entertainment as reality food television and Instagram “food porn” documented increasingly fanciful creations. 

These small acrylic objects reflect a time when our concept of a celebratory cake became so skewed as to be completely tasteless.